Established in 1992, A & ONE Precision Engineering relies on over 30 years of experience in the industry to deliver world-class engineering solutions across multiple sectors. As a ONE-STOP solution for all your engineering needs, we offer a comprehensive range of engineering services, including precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, frame structural weldment, sub-module assembly and complete turnkey projects.

Our machining capabilities include: 
  • CNC Turn Mill (up to 9-axis) 
  • CNC Grinding 
  • Wire Cut 
  • EDM
Our sheet metal fabrication capabilities include:
  • Bending 
  • Laser cutting 
  • TIG/MIG welding  
  • Robotic fibre laser welding
We provide the following assembly services:
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electro pneumatics assembly
  • Electrical wiring

We are ISO 9001, AS 9100, and ISO 13485 accreditated.
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At A & ONE Precision Engineering, we understand that our people are the cornerstone of our success. That's why we are dedicated to providing opportunities for professional growth and development to each and every employee. Our comprehensive training programs, including on-the-job training and external resources, help equip our staff with the skills they need to excel.

In addition to investing in our people, we value open and effective communication. This not only helps us deliver exceptional service to our customers, but it also fosters a productive and enjoyable work environment.

We believe that a positive and supportive work environment contributes to employee satisfaction and overall success. To encourage teamwork and build a sense of community, we regularly host social events such as barbecues, bowling tournaments, and karaoke sessions. We also provide relaxing spaces such as a karaoke zone at our company sites, where employees can take a break and unwind during their downtime. By creating an environment that is both productive and enjoyable, we ensure that everyone at A & ONE can thrive and reach their full potential.